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In Japanese, the word "gojiai" is one of the most common greetings to convey wishes for good health. Using GOJIAI © as the brand name, we hope to express our care for your well-being while bringing some sparkles into your daily routine.
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Using MDF (medium-density fiberboard) as the primary material, the holder is finished with strength and durability.

The multifunctional holder series comes in two motifs, owl and maneki neko (beckoning cat).

Owl in Japanese sounds the same as "the path to happiness" (fukurou). Such an auspicious bird is believed to bring good fortune.

The world-famous maneki neko has the magic power to make dreams come true.



・Owl --Wings Spread

The handsome owl with its wings widely spread is an eye catcher, ideal for somewhere spacious.

・Owl --Wings Rest

The lovely owl with its wings folded is a keeper, suitable for all kinds of spaces.

・Maneki neko (Love)

Maneki neko with its left paw raised helps us build connectivity, which is why the character 愛 (ai, "love") is written in the front plate.

・Maneki neko (Dream)

Maneki neko with its right paw raised brings economic fortune and makes dreams come true, which is why the character 夢 (yume, "dream") is written in the front plate.


Let them welcome you and your loved family and friends at home.

Let them greet your colleagues and customers at the entrance of your office, store or restaurant.

With GOJIAI, let's bring more fun to the daily life!


A level-up version of the series provides pedestals decorated with metallic mosaic tiles. The spray nozzle is also tailored in golden and silver matching with the pedestal.

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・Owl --Wings spread

Nozzle color: silver;

Pedestal: silver-color, square, metallic tiles.

・Owl --Wings Rest

Nozzle color: golden;

Pedestal: golden-color, square, metallic tiles.

・Maneki neko (Love)

Nozzle color: silver;

Pedestal: silver-color, hexagon, metallic tiles.

・Maneki neko (Dream)

Nozzle color: golden;

Pedestal: golden-color, hexagon, metallic tiles.

※ The metallic mosiac tiles are attached by hand. Images may slightly differ in appearance from the actual products.


About the designer Yuki Matsuoka

Architect, CEO of KUNISAKI TIME,Inc.

KUNISAKI TIME,Inc. was established in 1998 in Aki Kunisaki Oita, Japan. Its main business is the manufacture and sale of prefabricated cardboard mannequins designed by Yuki Matsuoka in 1995. While developing products in various fields to respond to market needs, KUNISAKI TIME has always insisted on "architectural thinking" as the core of its design. This concept has led to not only the birth of the manufacture and sale brand FLATS, but also a high regard for the involvement of its employees as well its social role in the local community. Today, FLATS products have been exported from Japan to North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other parts of the world.


◆Usage Scenarios◆

As dispenser case (Spray-type dispenser bottle included)

As artistic decoration (LED light candle included)

As vase (Glass tube bottle included)


A unique gift for the special one!

  • - As a caring message to your children, grandchildren, or parents;
  • - As a token of good wishes to your clients;
  • - As a unique wedding present for your friends.

Your sense of style and humor will surely stand out with a thoughtful gift!


Item Specifics

In the case of Owl (Wings spread) and Owl (Wings rest)

・Main body(pedestal included)…1 ・Removable wing parts…2 ・Fixing components …6

・ Plastic bottle (400ml, spray-type nozzle pump included)…1 ・Glass tube bottle…1 ・LED light candle (batteries and remote control included)…1


In the case of Maneki neko (Love) and Maneki Neko (Dream)

・Main body(pedestal included)…1 ・Front plate…1 ・The whisker part…1 ・Fixing components …7

・ Plastic bottle (400ml, spray-type nozzle pump included)…1 ・Glass tube bottle…1 ・LED light candle (batteries and remote control included)…1


※Please note that no hand sanitizer or liquid as such is provided in the package. To use the holder as a sanitizer case, please prepare liquid type hand sanitizer on your own. Please refrain from filling the provided bottle with gel type sanitizer as it may clog the nozzle.

※Please refer to the instruction sheet for how to refill the bottle.


Handling Precautions

【About the bottle and nozzle pump】

・It is recommended to keep the bottle filled with volatile liquid away from direct sunlight.

・When pressing the pump, please press the cap instead of the nozzle, as this may cause damage.

・Please press perpendicularly. Pressing at an angle may cause damage.

・ The bottle will be sent with the pump locked. Before use, please remove the pump from the bottle, then turn the cap counterclockwise to unlock it.

【About the holder (main body)】

・The holder (main body) is made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard). It dries up soon if being splashed with some volatile liquid.

・Please avoid high temperature and humidity which might be the cause of mold.

・The holder can be disassembled at the junction of the head part and the body part in order to take out and refill the bottle. All but the removable fixing components are glued to keep the structure stable.

・ Please note that the removable fixing components may appear looser or tighter due to humidity changes.

・ Please note that we are not responsible for any damage that may occur when the product is dismantled and the original shape cannot be restored.

・ Although we take all possible measures to ensure the quality of our products, there are cases where components are not perfectly adhered. In such cases, please use wood glue or other adhesive to fix it.

・The koban plate and the whisker part are packed separately in the package. Please refer to the instruction sheet included in the package for how to attach the whisker.

・Please be aware that there is a chance for the whiskers to break as they are rather thin.


To check the details of each product, please click the respective image below.

※The color and texture of the products may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources and your monitor settings.