3D Art Puzzle ·Multifunctional Holder

GOJIAI 3D Art Puzzle ·Multifunctional Holder series is now on board!

An assembly kit that allows you to build up an architectural structure which can be used as bottle holder, vase, lamp shade, etc..

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See here for the assembled multifunctional holders.

Various Usage Scenarios

The finished holder can be disassembled at the junction of the head part and the body part.

You can put a bottle inside to decorate your favorite flowers, or put an aroma diffuser, or a LED light, and bring fashionable art to your room!

The bottle that comes in the set can be taken in and out from above without disassembling the main body. Please give it a try!

※Flowers, LED lights, and vases in the above picture are not included in the set. Please check the contents of the package before making the order.

A unique gift for the special one:

- As a caring message to your children, grandchildren, or parents;

- As a token of good wishes to your clients;

- As a unique wedding present for your friends...

Item Specifics

Owl (wings spread)

・Puzzle Sheet *12 ・Pedestal *1 ・Glue……*1 ・Glass tube bottle *1

・Plastic bottle (400ml, black, spray-type nozzle pump included) *1

Owl (wings rest)

・Puzzle Sheet *11 ・Pedestal *1 ・Glue……*1 ・Glass tube bottle *1

・Plastic bottle (400ml, black, spray-type nozzle pump included) *1

Maneki Neko

・Puzzle Sheet *10 ・Pedestal *1 ・Glue……*1 ・Glass tube bottle *1

・Plastic bottle (400ml, white, spray-type nozzle pump included) *1

※Please note that no hand sanitizer or liquid as such is provided in the package. To use the holder as a sanitizer case, please prepare liquid type hand sanitizer on your own. Please refrain from filling the provided bottle with gel type sanitizer as it may clog the nozzle.

※Please refer to the instruction sheet for how to refill the bottle.

Handling Precautions

【About the bottle and nozzle pump】

・It is recommended to keep the bottle filled with volatile liquid away from direct sunlight.

・When pressing the pump, please press the cap instead of the nozzle, as this may cause damage.

・Please press perpendicularly. Pressing at an angle may cause damage.

・ The bottle will be sent with the pump locked. Before use, please remove the pump from the bottle, then turn the cap counterclockwise to unlock it.

【About the holder (main body)】

・The holder (main body) is made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard). It dries up soon if being splashed with some volatile liquid.

・Please avoid high temperature and humidity which might be the cause of mold.

・The finished holder can be disassembled at the junction of the head part and the body part in order to take out and refill the bottle. All but the removable fixing components should be glued to keep the structure stable. Please refer to the instruction sheet for more information.

・It is recommended to try assembling before gluing, as it will be difficult to remove when the assembled parts are glued together. Please note that we cannot be held responsible if the parts are glued together by mistake.

・Please note that the removable fixing components may appear looser or tighter due to humidity changes.


The series comes in 4 variations.

Owl (wings spread) and Owl (wings rest) as a symbol of wisdom;
Maneki neko (Love) and Maneki neko (Dream) as a symbol of wish coming true.

A brain teaser and a gorgeous interior decoration item.

・It is a puzzle that you can enjoy assembling with your own hands.

・It is a vase, a bottle holder, a lamp shade... that keeps the fun running long.

・After assembling, it is ideal as a gift in various situations, as well as a symbol of good luck decorating your home, store, office, etc.

The difficulty level of assembling is ★★★☆☆.

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