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Earning your trust with professionalism and meticulousness.

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What we handle are one-of-a-kind works of art.

Were you familiar with those behind the scenes of art exhibitions who are responsible for transporting, installing, and deinstalling the art works?

Our company, Shine Future Co. Ltd., is in the business of displaying valuable and well-known works of art in museums and galleries, such as paintings, ceramics, and sometimes vintage books. Our work, which requires delicacy and care in handling, has earned the trust of our customers for over 10 years since the company’s establishment.

Nowadays, there are various places to display art works other than museums and galleries, such as corporate offices, hospitals, and stores.

Meanwhile, many may not be familiar with how to display or preserve art works properly.

Therefore, we have decided to set up a new specialized department to make use of our experience in museum installation and deinstallation to provide professional services to more customers.

The installation and deinstallation of artworks means standing for long periods of time and sometimes involves heavy lifting. However, care and meticulousness are required rather than strength and speed, as the objects that we handle are delicate and irreplaceable.

▼Service Examples

・Hanging artworks in a meeting room

・Periodically change artworks in a cafe

・Packaging valuable artworks

・Sorting private collection or the collection of a public institute

・Move or temporarily preserve artworks due to renovation and other reasons


・Installation for large-scale exhibitions  etc.…

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▼Examples of artworks we deal with

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▼Contracting process

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