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Please welcome the palm-size GOJIAI Miniature 3D Art Puzzle series!

Shine Future | GOJIAI Project

GOJIAI is an independent brand established by Shine Future Co., Ltd. in Tokyo in 2020, aiming to pursue creativity that makes everyday life more artistic. We collaborate with designers active in various industries to bring dynamic energy to our products.

The GOJIAI Miniature 3D Art Puzzle series was born out of a fantastic encounter with FLATS, a design brand that cherishes architectural concepts. Each piece of the puzzle enjoys its own unique shape and meaning, playing an equivalent role in forming the whole. Carrying beauty and auspice, the Miniature 3D Art Puzzle series will bring joyful moments for your family, friends, and yourself.

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Level of difficulty: ★★★☆☆

The set includes:

・Packing paper/instruction sheet *1

・Puzzle sheet *3

Handling Precautions

・Please be careful when handling pointy parts.

・Cardboard may dry out and shrink when exposed in extremely low humidity. If necessary, please fix the parts with available glue.

・To avoid fire, please keep the product away from fire sources such as heater.

・Please keep the product away from direct sunlight in order to prevent color fading.

・Please restrain from placing the product in any highly humid environment.

・Please do not put any part in mouth.

・The target age is 10 years and older. Please keep the product away from young children.


Four variations in shape. Each comes in two different colors.

a. Owl with wings spread, a symbol of wisdom | Natural & White

b. Owl with wings rest, a symbol of wisdom | Natural & Black

c. Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) with left hand raised bringing connections (Love written on the collar plate) | Natural & Red

d. Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) with right hand raised bringing fortune (Dream written on the collar plate). | Natural & White

・Suitable for shops, restaurants, offices, and homes.

※The color and texture of the products may be slightly different from the images due to the photographic lighting sources and the monitor settings. Depending on the stock and availability of the decorative parts, please note we may use different parts from the photos without prior notice.

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GOJIAI Miniature×Healing Crystal= Art×Fortune!